LOOP Fitness circle training lasts 24 minutes and is based on effective HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) which is perfect for everyone who wants to improve condition, strengthen the whole body and lose body fat.

You do your main workout at the circle combining trainings on 16 machines.

12 of them are improving concrete parts of muscles (like back, arms, legs) and remaining 4 stations are improving your condition.

During your 24 minute training you do full circle two times.

You can join the circle at any time.

Every 45 seconds you hear a gong – signal that it’s time to change the station.

It means that you spend approximately 40 seconds training at every station and you need 5 seconds to change the machine.

And, in the opposite to traditional gyms, you don’t need to waste your time waiting for machines anymore!

You train on your own

and also only you decide about intensity of your training – during your first visit in LOOP you will have first, personal training and we will teach you how to train and set machines correctly. But if any problem appears – you can always count on help of our qualified instructors.

Before doing circle training,

we suggest making a warm-up on our cardio machines (you can choose between bicycles and treadmills). Few minutes will be enough to prepare your body to the main part of your training. Do you need more? After finishing your 24 minutes cycle training, you can extend your workout using cardio machines or do the stretching and calm your body in our special zone for it.

As Danes say:

"Leave your head behind doors of the club, stay focused on your training and do your best.
Then slow down, feel the satisfaction after finished workout, sit down with
a cup of hot coffee, chat with others and just celebrate the moment".


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